International Chemical Service about Carbon Diselenide (Methanediselone)

Chemical properties:
molecular mass: 169.93 g/mol
melting point: -45 °C
boiling point: 125-126 °C
stability: decomposes slowly about 1% per month at -30 °C
heat of formation: 34 kcal/mol
solubility: good in organic solvents, insoluble in water
react with: bases and nucleophiles
other: light sensitive, strong unpleasant odor
main use: synthesis of organic conductors and superconductors
such as selenium analogs of tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) derivatives
- tetraselenafulvalene

Physical properties:
appearance: yellow-orange liquide
normal density: 2.66 g/ml
nD: 1.845

Biological properties:
toxicity: probably toxic as other selenium compounds,
may by dangerous because of possibility of easy membrane transport,
also dangerous by inhalation (high vapour pressure)

Systematical information:
name(s): carbon diselenide, carbon selenide, methanediselone,
carbon(IV) selenide, 1,3-diselenapropadiene, 1,3-diselenaallene
CAS No.: 506-80-9
Merck (12th Ed.): 1858
UQF No.: 50-0091

Aprox. price:
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5 g - 2490 EUR
10 g - 3585 EUR
25 g - 4340 EUR
50 g - 5365 EUR
100 g - 6910 EUR
250 g - 11345 EUR
500 g - 14580 EUR

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